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Cube Desktop Full

Posted by Yadav Sunday, October 4, 2009 0 comments

Description :
Multiple desktops is no longer news, even on Windows. True that this technology is much more advanced on other operating systems, but we have to work with what we are given. The importance of multiple desktops on a single monitor is futile to be mentioned as it is well known (plus it is very cool). Besides the space you are going to come up with from practically nowhere and the fact that you can have different applications opened on each of the virtual desktops, the rest depends all on details.

One can say that the interface is inexistent if you do not count the six virtual desktops it enriches your computer with. But there is an Options panel that allows configuring both the looks and the way the desktops behave on your computer. The application works on both Vista and XP, although there are differences you may want to consider (no live preview on the desktop is one of them).

One of the greatest advantages standing out the moment you launch the application is the low computer resource usage. On Vista it stabilized somewhere around 70MB while on XP RAM power was under 20MB. I think this is the most resource economical application of this kind I've seen by now.

Cube Desktop's Options panel displays all the options clearly and distinctively and there are no hidden settings to be made. It is similar to Windows Control Panel so there should be no problem handling it. Diving into the configuration of a menu will not make you face unintelligible options and everything is translated into Human so that any user can benefit from the same easy configuration.

The application supports different customization of each desktop in terms of wallpaper and icons displayed. The only element common to all virtual desktops is system tray which will preserve all tray minimized programs. So if you want a certain software to be available for all desktops all you have to do is minimize it to tray.

It seems that Cube Desktop can also customize the icons for each virtual screen, but the results of our testing on three different systems (Vista Basic, Vista Business and XP Home Edition) beg to differ as the icons were not eliminated from the desktops but simply moved to another location on the screen.

Nevertheless, the application is in continuous development (version 1.1.3 is already out in beta 1 stage) and I am sure the developer will fix the problem as soon as possible. Overlooking this mischief, I have to say that the procedure of eliminating the icons from the desktops is quite simple: all the desktops and their icons are listed and all you have to do is un-check the desired boxes.

I have to say that I would have liked to have the possibility of assigning the number of virtual screens to work with. Unfortunately this option is not available and whether you like it or not you are bound to enabling all six of them the moment Cube Desktop is started. One argument for working with less the application offers would be a too busy system tray as all desktops are placed there by default (although you can remove them altogether and toggle between them using keyboard shortcuts).

Screenshots :
(Click To Zoom)
Hot Corners is a very handy feature of the application if you are a fan of visual effects. You can configure the application to undertake a certain action the moment your mouse cursor hits one of the corners of the screen. It can be set to access one of the desktops, enable Windows Expose (Mac OS X Expos� correspondent in Windows), move to the previous or next desktop or activate the 3D cube view of the desktops.
In case you want to remove tray desktops and for being constantly aware of the desktop you are enabling, Cube Desktop makes available on screen display splashing various messages for you. The duration of the message display can be configured by simply dragging by a slider (5 seconds is the top limit) or you can give up this service altogether.
feature of the application. This function of Cube desktop is exactly like window preview in Vista when an application is minimized to taskbar. Preview window can be enlarged or kept to smaller dimensions, as you wish with a simple drag of a slider. Setting it to the right size, however, is a game of testing as you do not have to input any values.
The appearance of the cube when in 3D mode is also customizable and you can set it to be displayed with separate sides or as a standard cube, with all sides glued together. Further settings permit tuning the way it looks, by adding and removing effects like transparency and reflection (mirror effect) or setting a general background image for 3D view of the desktops.
Cube Desktop is highly configurable supporting the change of the default keyboard shortcuts for switching to different desktops, activating 3D view or enabling Windows Expose. Making the cube appear in the distance or enlarging it can be a simple matter of scrolling the wheel up and down, or you can use it for a faster switch between the six virtual screens.
What can I say, working with Desktop Cube is a real thrill and the 60 minutes trial time has a strong influence on this. But you can clearly see that the software is a work in progress as not all options may work properly. During our testing we managed to view Windows Expose only once (luckily we have a picture of it) as all further efforts remained unsuccessful. Fortunately this bug has been signaled to the developer and hopefully it will be fixed as soon as possible.
Hot corners, transparency and reflection do a great job for a full visual experience. The 3D cube looks absolutely great and the entire application makes for a great desktop space saver. And the resources necessary for a proper run are not at all steep. Our test computers were equipped with 1GB of RAM for XP and 1.5 GB for Vista and Cube Desktop moved and felt great.

The Good :

Cube Desktop is highly configurable in both look and feel. Making all the necessary options for a six virtual desktops experience is piece of cake.All sides of the cube can be made transparent making a richer visual experience. Rotating it requires a simple movement of the mouse. Mouse gestures are enabled for both vertical and horizontal rotation (move your mouse to the middle side of the desktop and the cube will rotate or click anywhere in the screen and drag).

The Bad :
There are minor glitches to be straightened out but the application is still "under construction" and all the fixes will come with future releases. Windows Expose did not work properly during our testing as well as customization of the icons for each of the desktops.
Moving different application windows between desktops worked only by using "SendTo" menu integrated in application's system menu and by clicking on it and using keyboard shortcuts to switch the desktop.
The trial period is one thing working to Cube Desktop's disadvantage. A 60 minutes trial is merely a tour of the application and even if you close the application to gain some more time and in the meanwhile look at the features presented on the Web, this still isn't enough time to try it. The price for Europe is almost double than that of similar applications I've seen. True that with all functions working properly, the price is right. Nevertheless, you will pay 24.95 EUR or $24.95 for one major release only (e.g. all updates between version 1.0 and version 2.0).

The Truth :

You are entitled to one hour of visual desktop experience. You may not note all the pluses and minuses   of
Cube Desktop, but it is worth a shot. It is easy to manipulate and IT engineers will definitely appreciate it.It needs a bit of brushing up and hopefully, with the new beta, all these problems will be fixed (I heard of a new feature in version 1.1.3 - Desktop Explorer).Easy to configure and handle, Cube Desktop offers a multi desktop environment, each with distinct settings and supporting as many applications as your CPU and RAM can handle.

NOTE: Version 1.1.3 comes with lots of new features and improvements really worth the money for the application. First of all the trial period has been raised to 120 minutes which is plenty of time to fully test CubeDesktop properly and explore every nook and cranny unhindered.
Virtual Desktops menu has been enriched with new options like desktop privacy which allows blocking the view to the virtual desktops and switching to them without typing in a user defined password. Only the first desktop is public and visible by anyone, all the rest can have restricted access based on a password.

Installation Note :
[Note :I have given a Read me text file int the rar file .Inside that text file seiral no. is given Copy that numbers and go to taskbar near clock there is a small cube right click on that cube click on Enter Registration Code and Past it And wait for some time and use it.



Password : yadav


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