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Fairy Tower 1.1

Posted by Yadav Monday, September 28, 2009 0 comments

Description :
Fairy Tower is the 9th pinball game from Little Wing, the people who make Jinni Zeala.It has a brand new engine for graphics and sounds, and it is also equipped with a newly developed physical simulator. You will enjoy astonishing visuals and gorgeous stereo sounds with the feel of real arcade pinball.

Size : 24 MB

Story :   
Fairy Tower is a magical construction that was built in ancient times. It used to create strange, magical items. But one day it collected all the items it had created and sealed itself.
Since then the tower has been deep asleep in the fairy village. Legend says that it is the remains of aliens who came to the earth from the outer space. Also, the villagers worship it as crops and plants grow big around the tower.
But then something unusual happened. The magical items were blown off with the power of the tower as the sealed door at the steeple suddenly opened. Therefore, the magical items were scattered all over the human world again.
The scattered items have very strong magic powers that might destroy the world order if someone uses them without proper care. You must collect the items and store them in the tower to seal them until the proper time comes. To achieve this, you must first retrieve the power of the tower.
There are four gates in the tower that are for the Water, Earth, Light, and Wind Spirits, respectively. The tower works only through the union of the power of all four spirits.
Retrieve the missing devices of Fairy Land to save the world!
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Downloading Link :
Password :  Yadav

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