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Lux Licentia Free Download Megaupload

Posted by Yadav Tuesday, June 8, 2010 0 comments

Description :- Size :- 34.64 MB
A universe where, through willpower alone, worlds are forged from nothing by newborn gods. These beings oversee their worlds and nuture them in their own ways; some through patience, others through power.
To keep the worlds in check, a council of the eldest and most powerful gods created the Shallow, a swell of darkness that chooses worlds and devours them. Those chosen to be destroyed to make way for future generations are known as the Fated.
The mark of the Fated is treated as a great honor, and all are remembered for their sacrifice.
Not all are willing to become Fated and give up their lives and world, but the Shallow was created to be a devourer of all, the darkness it carries is anathema to the essence of those born purely of the light. Invariably those that fight back are still devoured, and the Shallow continues it's journey.
Our story begins when the goddess Demura and her world become the next Fated and the Shallow encroaches on the land.

Game Controls :- 
Z: Attack
X: Magic
C: Jump
A: Switch magic
Enter: Pause (select difficulty)
Arrow Keys:
Left: Move Left
Right: Move Right

Advanced Game Controls :-
Up+Z: Combo hit UP
Down+Z: Combo hit DOWN (causes Smash)
Hold X: Charge magic (or keep using for Lightning type)
C: While in air (double jump)

Screenshot :- #1 ,


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