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Mall Tycoon 2 Free Download Mediafire

Posted by Yadav Thursday, July 29, 2010 0 comments

Description :- Size :- 596.61 MB
Along with a new developer for the series, Mall Tycoon 2  offers new and diverse options for players looking to emulate the building and management of a super shopping center. Seasonal themes (Easter, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Christmas), special events (sales, promotions), a mall with up to nine levels, staff management, consumer reports, food courts, financial strategies, and much more await the virtual mall designer and entrepreneur.
A tutorial helps players learn the controls and many aspects of designing, building, and managing, and a "free build" mode allows unlimited design by shape, size, or style. Specials include atriums, entertainment, restaurants, bars, and services, while objects consist of items like entrances, stairs, escalators, elevators, benches, doors, walls, and floors -- basically, the player designs his or her mall from the ground up, precisely putting every part into place. Success (or failure) depends on the number of customers attracted to the mall and balancing expenses versus income for maximum profit.
  • MANAGE YOUR STAFF - Hire Firemen, Dogcatchers, and more!
  • NEW FREE BUILD LOCATION - Create your mall in the new Beachfront resort area!
  • DESIGN & BUILD - Alter your shops walls or floor textures to create the ultimate Mall
  • CONTEND with annoying mall creatures such as 'Stray dogs' and 'Punks'
  • CONSTRUCT your mall in an infinite variety of ways
  • ATTRACT a variety of shoppers - including six new celebrity shoppers!
  • ORGANIZE SPECIAL PROMOTIONS - singing contests and movie promotions can help attract more customers to your mall
  • SEASONAL THEMES - Place dozens of seasonal themes in the mall atrium: Thanksgiving, Special Sales, Mall Oasis, the list goes on
  • BUILD & DESIGN - Expand your retail empire and build up to 9 floors, creating the mall of your dreams
  • Play Mall Tycoon 3 !!!
System Requirements :-
  • OS: Windows 98/98SE/Me/XP
  • Processor: PII 800 MHz
  • DirectX: Directx 8.1a
  • Ram: 128 MB RAM
  • Hard Drive: 450 MB
  • Video Card: 3D Accelerator
  • Sound Card: 32MB Directx 8.1a 16-bits Sound Card
Screenshots :- #1 , #2 , #3 ,




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